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8 Values of Quality

The 8 Values of Quality

The 8 Values of Quality is the standard that we at SW hold for ourselves. It represents, to the core, how we manufacture our products, interact with stakeholders, and operate as a company. Download our in depth resource HERE.

You can learn more about SW's compliance and ethics in our Code of Conduct.

Features Perception
Reliability Performance
Durability Conformance
Aesthetics Serviceability


Meeting the specifications required for the intended purposes.

SW guarantees that we will meet the minimum required needs, but we are thrilled to provide value added benefits wherever possible.



The ability for SW to perform consistently within applicable

You can count on SW to go above and beyond your expectations in service and product.



The ability to perform and last under specified conditions.

SW gloves are constructed strong and designed to last. Our gloves are clinically tested so users can get maximum usability from. Like our gloves, the professional team at SW are always educating themselves to be more useful to stakeholders needs.



How SW is presented and perceived by stakeholders.

Put our products side by side with others. Feel the difference. Likewise with our staff, we are here to be professional and courteous to your requests.



Perception is reality. Our stakeholders opinions matter.

Regardless of how well we perform, we must always present products, service, and staff in the best way possible. Your opinions matter the most, and we work to deserve your business.



SW does what we are supposed to do... and much more.

Beyond product, we support and invest the growth of our staff's foundation of skills so they can continuously improve on the services they provide.



SW gloves and services conform to the specifications stated.

We want your trust, so when you request products and service from our team, you get the best information, so you can make educated decisions.



SW provides supporting data to justify/clarify products
and services.

We are the industry leader in hand protection. Our products are driven by data that our staff can share with you. We want stakeholders to have relevant data to support purchasers, removing questions and making the purchasing process