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Last week’s ASK GIA blog article went over our new B-Corp certification and the various other certifications that the SW brand holds. To give a brief summary again, SW is proud to be: California Green Business certified, SA8000 certified, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, and B-Corp certified. Readers can go back to last week’s blog for a more in depth list and description of SW’s accolades in our company’s commitment to social and environmental welfare. SW is also proud to announce that we are Great Place to Work Certified. This week’s ASK GIA blog post will explain what this certification means for our brand and the welfare of our employees.


What is the Great Place to Work Certification?

The Great Place to Work Certification is backed by 30 years of research to quantify the workplace cultures of individual businesses to see how they compare to the best workplace cultures in the world. Originally, the company was founded by business journalists Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz in 1992. The Great Place to Work company is reputable as it works with Fortune, the famous American global business magazine, annually to release the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list. The certification is awarded to companies that actively generate a positive workplace culture for their employees.

Businesses are evaluated based on an employee trust index – a holistic measurement determined by employee’s perceptions on company fairness, safety, engagement and diversity. The certification comes in two steps. First, all employees are given the confidential Trust Index survey. The survey is based on more than 20 Great Place to Work criteria, particularly about trust and leadership in the workplace environment. The second step is the Culture Brief. Businesses must detail what they’ve done to promote diversity, inclusion in the workplace, as well as answer questions about generational makeup and general remuneration in the company. Businesses need to have attained a score of at least 65% on the Trust Index and satisfactorily answered the questions in the Culture Brief to become certified.


What does this mean for SW?

88% of employees at SW say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. These confidential survey results show our employees know to expect honest leadership, fair treatment, and employee recognition as core pillars of SW’s workplace culture. The core of a sustainable business model must be enacting ethical praxis, and employee opinions are the proof of how ethical a business is being run. SW is proud to know that our employees trust us to take care of them, as we trust them to build our brand as a company together. Businesses with the Great Place to Work certification are able to maximize their workplace environments through effective leaders, meaningful values, and a deep foundation of trust with all employees.

As a Great Place to Work certified company, SW sees benefits in improved innovation and financial success when these conditions are met. Not only does the certification evaluate our brand internally, being a company with the Great Place to Work certification grants SW credibility internationally and externally. The certification places SW on the map and allows us to join the network of other globally recognized Great Place to Work companies. It also allows SW to plan for the future. Being a Great Place to Work certified company tells potential job candidates that we, as a business, can be trusted to respect and nurture our employees. Thus, we can continue to grow and hire the most high-quality talent to help SW make the highest in quality products for our consumers.