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What makes SW different from other brands is our technology and innovation in our products we’ve created through a dedicated R&D team. Our company takes great pride in being a sustainable business, offering sustainable products, and most importantly – offering innovative technologies. This week’s article will explain the various technologies SW has patented and uses on our glove products.

What is EnerGel?

EnerGel is SW’s patented aloe vera lining coating. Our aloe vera lined gloves are significantly different from other brands and designed to produce the most effective moisturization for our customers’ skin. Polysaccharides (carbohydrate molecules) are the main active component of aloe vera gel for skin hydration but are often not small enough to fully pass through the skin’s outer layer. Energel technology converts the high molecular weight of Aloe Vera polysaccharides into specific lower weights aimed for skin penetration and hydration.

Our technology has two times more skin moisturizing benefits than standard Aloe technology. SW’s patented EnerGel process allows polysaccharides to be absorbed, instead of just settling on the skin surface. This prevents the moisturizing elements (polysaccharides) from being washed away compared to regular lotion moisturizers or other humectant aloe vera gels. Delivered deep into the skin, EnerGel helps those predisposed to dry skin, contact dermatitis or eczema by assisting the skin’s healing process, soothing the skin and reducing inflammation and irritation flare ups. Not only does our EnerGel technology benefit those with predisposed skin sensitivity, it can also offer comfort for those working long hours in workplace environments that necessitate wearing gloves.

What is pH Natural?

pH Natural is SW’s proprietary coating that actively manages the skin’s natural pH balance to discourage microbial growth. The antimicrobial effect of pH Natural caters to health care professionals who need to prevent the spread of pathogens.
Additionally, our formula actively maintains skin pH to reduce skin issues for those with predisposed sensitive skin.

What is DriTek?

Dritek is SW’s patented technology for sweat management. It rapidly absorbs sweat to easily manage sweat for healthier hands, making for easy donning and doffing. Wetness in single use gloves is not only uncomfortable but it limits a user’s mobility, dexterity, and tactility. Not to mention it may further lead to other safety hazards, such as when workers forgo gloves due to irritability from hand sweat accumulation. It’s perfect for those who work long hours requiring manual labor.

What is DryCore?

DryCore is our lint-free alternative to Dritek. They both contain a moisture-wicking flock-lined system. A flock-lined system means there is an inner cotton lining within the glove. The inner cotton lining serves to maintain an insulated, dry environment for drier, cooler, more comfortable hands.

What is EcoTek?

EcoTek is SW’s patented, environmentally sustainable glove formula. EcoTek is manufactured sustainably and rigorously tested per the ASTM D5526 standard. EcoTek is useful for all glove users and industries as it is incineration friendly. Our formula has been proven to produce 7% less CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions, 55% less NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) emissions, 81% less SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) emissions, 56% less TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Carbon) emissions, and 40% less CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions during incineration compared to regular nitrile gloves.

What is TracTek?

TracTek is SW’s Proprietary matrixed pattern that provides dramatic control in workplace environments. Designed for maximum surface-to-surface contact, providing enhanced grip in all conditions. TracTek’s performance grip technology reduces the amount of strain placed on your hands and increases your control in wet and oily environments. It is catered to those who work in the automotive or the industrial industries.

What is BreachAlert?

BreachAlert is SW’s innovative design involving dual color breach detection. The dual-layer provides extra durability and safety. The dual color allows for immediate breach detection, as it can be difficult to detect minor tears or punctures. BreachAlert is useful for first responders, and other medical professionals. Healthcare professionals that practice double gloving find that BreachAlert helps alert them for when to don on a new pair of gloves.

What is AxiFybr?

AxiFyber is SW’s proprietary yarn used engineered at the molecular level to be 45% stronger and 21% more cut-resistant without sacrificing fit or comfort. AxiFybr offers thick cut protection required for glass and sheet metal handling without compromising the flexibility, dexterity and grip of the glove. It is catered towards those who work in industrial settings and those who operate heavy machinery.

We aim to target the specific needs that our customers are looking for with our various technologies. SW technology is verified by third party organizations such as the Skin Health Alliance (SHA), the FDA, and various standardization organizations like ASTM and ISO. They verify that our products have low dermatitis potential, are tested for product quality, and affirm that SW is a company that prioritizes hand health. Our customers can always trust the quality of SW products. The comfort and hand health of our customers is our utmost priority so we continue to create innovative products suited for their needs.