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SW can help you meet your zero waste goals by providing a truly sustainable option. Nitrile gloves trashed in landfills will take centuries to break down, however with EcoTek there is a sustainable technology built right into the glove. Try SW gloves, reduce your landfill impact and help achieve a Sustainable World.

What is Ecotek?

EcoTek is a proprietary SW® formula that enables nitrile gloves to break down in landfills over a much shorter time than untreated gloves.

It is the industry leading nitrile treatment, breaking down a nitrile glove by 92.6% in only 2.5 years without any glove performance loss.

  • The testing was stopped after 2.5 years because the glove released all gaseous carbon.
  • The remaining 7.4% breaks down naturally as there is no residual toxicity.

Under test method ASTM D5526-12, a standard test method for determining anaerobic biodegradation of plastics in accelerated landfill conditions. Current biodegradation results do not predict future results.

Break down over 2.5 Years


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