TotalForm: Achieving Total Sustainability

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SW’s brand has always been focused on sustainability. As previous ASK GIA blogs have detailed, we practice this in our company’s internal structure and standard operating procedures. Our company’s commitment to sustainable praxis is most clearly exemplified in our products’ circular life cycles and reducing waste when manufacturing our products. This week’s ASK GIA blog will be dedicated to explaining the advantages of SW’s TotalForm glove series. Our TotalForm series achieves total sustainability by blending patented SW EcoTek technology and biobased technologies together.

What are biobased materials and what is the significance of using biobased materials in SW products?

Biobased materials are materials intentionally developed from renewable biological sources (living or once-living organisms). These materials can be sourced from a wide variety such as: plants, animals, microorganisms, and biogasses derived from waste or sewage. This separates them from petroleum-based or synthetic materials which are derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. In today’s world, biobased materials are used across various industries including and not limited to: packaging, textiles, construction, and medical devices. The advantage and desire to introduce biobased materials into the manufacturing process is their ability to reduce our carbon footprint.


The amount of Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) generated during the production process of bio-based materials is offset by the amount of GHG used for the production of bio-based raw materials. This means there are less amounts of GHG generated overall compared to using non bio-based materials, which would then reduce our carbon footprint even more once we adopt these processes. Just in 2017, bio-based products have displaced the equivalent of 9.4 million barrels of fossil fuel and have reduced GHG emissions by an estimated 12.7 million metric tons of CO2. Not only are bio-based materials reducing the impact we are making on the environment, it has become increasingly profitable in the market.

According to the 2019 Economic Impact Analysis of U.S. Bio-based Products Industry Report, the total contribution of the bio-based products industry to the US economy quoted to be $470 billion. This calculation is an increase of 2.4% from 2016, where it was estimated to be around 4.6 million workers in the industry at that time. The 2019 report also stated that for every 1 bio-based industry job created, it supports 1.79 additional jobs in the US. Choosing to innovate and grow in this environmentally positive direction is a wise decision as the market trends show a strong and growing industry – even without noticing the positive environmental impact the bio-based materials market brings.

What does TotalForm offer for our consumers?

SW’s TotalForm glove series is a combination of our patented EcoTek technology with bio-based materials. It is our brand’s new general use glove meant for general maintenance, construction, carton handling, transportation, general assembly, forestry, and more. It is extremely comfortable and flexible with excellent dry grip performance and touch screen compatibility. TotalForm provides ample protection with its ANSI A1 Cut level and ANSI level 4 abrasion protection. Specifically, the glove combines a liner made of 95% bio-based materials and EcoTek sustainable nitrile coating. Totalform’s liner is made with bio-based nylon which is recyclable.


Additionally, bio-based nylon has an exactly similar chemical structure and same properties as regular synthetic nylon. Our glove focuses on providing exceptional comfort to our users while being environmentally conscious. In total, the product contains 55% bio-based materials. We reduce 50% of CO2 generated during product production when using bio-based raw materials within the liner compared to petroleum based products. For each 1,000 cases of TotalForm product, SW aims to reduce 4.53 Mt of CO2, save 12,691 ft2 of reforestation land area and save $315 cost allocation from carbon farming projects.

Our TotalForm glove is a USDA Certified Bio-based Product and a 2023 Environmental Protection award winner for New Product of the Year. Our product is Oeko-Tex certified as well to build high product safety and customer confidence. Promoting bio-based products offers a holistic approach to addressing environmental challenges while ensuring health and safety, and meeting evolving consumer and regulatory expectations. By shifting towards bio-based alternatives, SW can contribute to creating a more sustainable and resilient future for our society and the planet.