How R&D Puts SW Ahead

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The SW brand has always been centered around innovation, research, and technology. From the company’s inception, our business’ success has been understanding the needs of our consumers and inventing solutions for those needs. This would be impossible to achieve without our dedicated and competent research and development (R&D) department. In fact, our company’s R&D department makes up 25% of our staff. We invest heavily in research so we can continuously improve our products.

The competitive advantage we receive from employing the best technical professionals gives our brand a competitive advantage. We stay ahead of market trends while allowing us to expand to new markets based on customer needs. Without our R&D staff, we would not have been able to develop the popular, sustainable technologies used in our product lines.

When our company first started manufacturing gloves, we achieved success by offering products that no other company had. Our research concluded that many workers suffered from dry skin as a consequence from working long hours while gloved. Thus, our staff developed EnerGel, the first aloe vera infused disposable nitrile gloves to immediately deliver healthier, more hydrated skin for customers who work long hours with little moisturizing relief.

Our aloe vera lined gloves are significantly different from other brands and designed to produce the most effective moisturization for our customers’ skin. Polysaccharides are the main active component of aloe vera gel for skin hydration but often are not small enough to fully pass through the outer skin layer. Our R&D staff worked to invent Energel technology that converts the high molecular weight of Aloe Vera polysaccharides into specific lower weights aimed for skin penetration and hydration. Our lining has two times more skin moisturizing benefits than standard Aloe technology.


Other technologies produced by our R&D team include DriTek, a moisture-wicking flock-lined system that manages sweat for healthier hands and easy donning and doffing. Our staff have also worked hard to produce pH Natural and BreachAlert. pH Natural actively maintains skin pH levels to reduce skin issues while also reducing microbial growth. BreachAlert is SW’s dual color 2-ply construction that provides immediate visual chemical breach detection. These are only a few of the numerous technologies that have been developed by our staff. Most recently, our R&D staff have been working hard to stay ahead of current concerns around the disposal of plastic waste by incineration.


SW’s EcoTek formula has been updated to be more incineration friendly. We have conducted extensive third party testing and internal testing on SW gloves with EcoTek patented technology, which conducted trials comparing the amount of toxic gasses that are emitted during incineration when incinerating SW EcoTek gloves and regular nitrile gloves without EcoTek. These tests concluded that EcoTek produced 7% less CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions, 55% less NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) emissions, 81% less SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) emissions, 56% less TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Carbon) emissions, and 40% less CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions during incineration compared to regular nitrile gloves.

Our brand has survived due to our investment in research and technological advancements. Without a dedicated R&D team, we would not have such a unique offering of products for our customers. And while we may recognize that certain products would fill the niche of our customers’ wants or needs, we still need to realize them. Therefore, our R&D staff have become our greatest asset in the industry. Without their work, our company would not be able to proudly advocate the innovative and sustainable qualities of our products.