How to Properly Remove Single Use Gloves

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The Ask GIA™ blog has talked about the importance of proper glove sizing and donning correctly fit gloves. To recap a bit, a properly fit and sized glove should feel comfortably snug around one’s hands and with ample dexterity. The glove should not feel like it’s restricting movement of the hand. One should be able to move their fingers around and flex their hand without noticeable stretching of the material. The most consistent method is to find the right size for the width of your palm as well as the length of your fingers. A disposable glove that is too large will have noticeable wrinkles around the palm.

The fingertips will not reach the ends of the glove tips, leaving a sizable amount of material between the end of the glove to the wearer’s actual finger. There would usually be excess material bunched up at the wrist as well. When a glove is too small, there is usually some restriction of movement, and the glove material will have noticeable stretch. The glove material may even become slightly transparent near the areas of stretch. Typically, there is the most amount of stretch in the fingertips or wrist of the glove. Now that we’ve summarized what a properly fit glove should look like, we can begin to discuss how to properly remove single use gloves.

As the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) advises, one should grasp the outside of one of the gloves near the wrist without touching any exposed skin. Then one should peel the glove away from their body, turning it inside out. Next, bunch the removed glove up in the palm of the remaining gloved hand. Peel the other pair off by inserting one’s fingers underneath the glove near the wrist. Turn the second glove inside out as well and away from oneself. If this was done properly, the first glove will be inside the second one. Once the pair of gloves are removed, the gloves should be disposed of safely. One should wash their hands after disposal as well.



Luckily, SW gloves contain EcoTek Sustainable Technology so the disposal process is hassle free for our customers. All they have to do is dispose of SW nitrile gloves with their regular waste. EcoTek Sustainable Technology is our patented, environmentally sustainable glove coating that is included in SW disposable Nitrile gloves. EcoTek is free of toxic chemicals and manufactured sustainably. EcoTek Sustainable Technology is rigorously tested per the ASTM D5526 standard.

It has been certified through third party testing to prove it does not emit any harmful residues after disposal. EcoTek is useful for all glove users and industries as it reduces unnecessary waste build up and is incineration friendly. Our formula has been proven to produce 7% less CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions, 55% less NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) emissions, 81% less SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) emissions, 56% less TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Carbon) emissions, and 40% less CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions during incineration compared to regular nitrile gloves.