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Previously on this blog, we discussed various glove allergies that can manifest due to being allergic to the glove material used in the glove manufacturing process. To give a brief recap, allergic reactions or contact dermatitis (skin irritation) potential can be from latex or chemicals (usually rubber accelerants) added in the manufacturing process. SW disposable nitrile gloves have been third party certified by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) as SHA as safe for skin and approved by dermatologists. Our company believes in reducing the reliance of hazardous substances in our manufacturing process. SW is actively seeking ways to reduce the use of volatile organic compounds deemed risky to the environment. Preventing chemical pollution and minimizing the amount of chemicals in our products is a top priority. However, these concerns primarily deal with skin irritation from using gloves. This week’s article will expand on concerns around how to protect one’s hands from caustic agents – how gloves can prevent flare ups of pre-existing allergies.

Gloves are most often used as a form of personal protective equipment against exterior environments. They are discussed in relation to being used in various workplaces as protection against sharps, chemicals, microorganisms, and wet environments. However, gloves can also be used in preventing hand eczema. While it may be considered a minor inconvenience, hand eczema impacts about 10% of our entire population (National Eczema Association). Hand eczema or hand dermatitis is a skin condition that causes dry skin and a weakened immune system. It is not contagious but may affect a person’s confidence in themselves or comfort in performing their job. Hand eczema can be triggered due to a combination of genetics, workplace environments, or contact from strong chemicals and other allergy causing agents. Hand dermatitis can be caused by various irritants. Some examples include continuous wetting of the hand, soaps, detergents, bleach, disinfectants, shampoo, solvents, adhesives, or even fruit juice. Symptoms manifest in redness and pain around the affected areas, itchiness in the affected areas, and dryness to the point of skin flaking or peeling. Other specialized cases of hand eczema may produce small blisters that form on the hand. Avoiding flare ups requires careful diligence in reducing the time spent in reactive environments which put one in contact with agents that are causing such hand dermatitis.

It’s important to find high quality gloves that can protect oneself from dermatitis causing agents. SW not only carries low dermatitis potential disposable nitrile gloves but also offers additional useful features for those who suffer from hand eczema. SW has developed BreachAlert, a dual tone color changing technology specifically designed to help visually detect any chemical breaches in the glove swiftly and distinctly. Users who develop flare ups of hand eczema from harsh chemicals can quickly detect when it’s time to don on a new pair of gloves. Users who develop hand eczema from being exposed to continuous wet environments can find relief with SW’s DriTek and DryCore. DriTek is SW’s branded moisture-wicking technology with a flock-lined system for a drier, cooler, and more comfortable environment for one’s hands. The technology naturally manages hand sweat for users who work long hours or are more prone to developing hand sweat easily. In addition, SW’s DryCore technology naturally pulls sweat away from the skin for healthier hands as well. SW also offers relief to hand dermatitis symptoms with our branded EnerGel technology. EnerGel is a specialized aloe infused glove coating that soothes the hand, promotes healing of the epidermis layer, while reducing skin inflammation and skin irritation.


SW products are formulated to simplify hand protection and are third body certified to promote hand health. SW works with the world’s leading skin health accreditation entity to promote products that meet the highest scientific standards of skin safety. Information about the advantages of our products are always listed out clearly in our product descriptions online. We look to stand out from the competition in offering environmentally friendly and customer conscious products. The comfort and hand health of our customers is our utmost priority. SW as a company aims to be pioneers in the glove industry and provide solutions to the everyday concerns of our customers.