The Dangers of Sweaty Hands in the Workplace

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Last week this blog discussed the common, everyday condition of dry hands. This week the blog will discuss a similar problem that many people experience: sweaty hands. On average, many people might feel self-conscious about having sweaty palms. The UCLA Department of Human Genetics conducted a study that found as much as 5% of the population was at risk for some form of hyperhidrosis, commonly known as sweaty palm syndrome. Hyperhidrosis can occur due to genetics, stress, or being in certain moisture generating environments. However, it may not be obvious that something which may be a social hindrance can also affect a person’s workplace environment. When it comes to the working environment, sweaty palms can have a drastic effect on job performance.

Many jobs require employees to work with personal protective equipment (PPE). In particular, this blog will expand on the effect of hand sweat when wearing gloves. Long usage in the naturally hot and tight environment of gloves, sweat accumulates. Excessive sweat build up inside the glove causes the outer layers of the skin to reabsorb sweat, leading to a reduction in the skin’s protective properties. With a skin barrier that is reduced in strength, chemicals may more rapidly penetrate the skin against the inner layer of the glove. Wetness in single use gloves is not only uncomfortable but it limits a user’s mobility, dexterity, and tactility. The uncomfortability can eventually lead to dangerous consequences. When hands become hot and sweaty, workers’ may alleviate the irritation by removing the gloves, which may expose their hands to hazards in their working environment. Such hazards include electrical currents, sharp edges, abrasive surfaces or harsh chemicals. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 70% of workplace injuries are sustained from workers not wearing gloves due to discomfort.


Standard single-use gloves provide a non-permeable barrier that safely protects workers’ hands in light duty work environments. However, they also create a harsh environment between the glove and one’s hand. This can result in a lack of airflow to allow proper regulation of the skin environment, damage to the upper skin layers from repeated friction, and even increasing perspiration. Common solutions are using glove liners, cornstarch, baby powder or spraying 70% ethanol to cool hands. Hand sweat accumulation often forces workers to frequently change their gloves, wear a smaller size to trap sweat and avoid contamination or wear a larger size to allow increased airflow. This situation can seem like a double edged sword and most remedies are inefficient, ineffective, or temporary. These remedies are often bothersome to execute as well. Thankfully and fortunately, SW have developed innovative products that can effectively and efficiently solve this daily pain point of our users.

SW gloves aim to remedy this problem with our sweat management technology. Energel, our patented aloe technology which was discussed last week as a remedy for dry skin, can also reduce hand sweat. Energel has a natural cooling effect, working to reduce the optimal environment for sweat accumulation. SW has other sweat management technology beyond Energel. Dritek and DryCore aim to reduce hand perspiration in various direct ways. Dritek rapidly absorbs sweat, and DryCore is our lint-free alternative to Dritek. They both work to limit existing perspiration from affecting the working environment. Dritek consists of a moisture-wicking flock-lined system. A flock-lined system means there is an inner cotton lining within the glove. The inner cotton lining serves to maintain an insulated, dry environment for drier, cooler, more comfortable hands. This results in better sweat management for healthier hands while allowing for easy donning and doffing of the glove. It’s comfort technology with absorbent lining to wick away moisture for extended use.


Users looking to test out Energel may find the technology used in our TrueForm series (TF-95LG) and our PowerForm series (PF-95LG, PF-95GW, and PF-12WG).

Our Dritek technology can be found in our PowerForm (PF-95GY) and our MegaMan series (MM-11BK).


Our DryCore technology can be found in our PowerForm series (PF-95BL). The success of our products and SW as a company are inherently connected to our dedication to creating solutions for our customers’ daily needs. SW continues to innovate products that satisfy our users’ needs for comfort and utility.