Come Join Us at A+A and MEDICA Trade Shows

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Starting next week, you will be able to find SW at the A+A PPE trade show and Medica trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany! SW will be tabling at A+A from October 24 to October 27 in Hall 12 E1. Then, from November 13 to November 16, we will be at the MEDICA trade show in Hall 5 H28.

A+A or “Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin,” which translates to “Occupational Safety and Occupational Medicine,” is the world’s leading international trade show for safety, health, and security in the workfield. It is an opportunity for attendees and booth exhibitors to discover or showcase the newest corporate fashion and personal protective equipment (PPE) products across various industries. The trade show was first established in 1954 and opens every two years on odd numbered years.

The international trade show averages around 1942 exhibitors and 67248 visitors, offering an impressive opportunity to establish our brand and showcase our high quality PPE products. A+A not only allows our business to interact with potential new customers, but it allows SW to participate in industry wide discussions at the international level. Topics of the 38th, 2023 A+A trade show center around industry sustainability, new technology, hygiene and the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.

SW has always put these topics at the center of our company theology and our products reflect that. We will be showcasing our sustainable EcoTek technology. Our gloves are designed for long term usage without compromising in comfortability or sustainability and adequately address the safety specifications necessary for our consumers. SW products undergo strict testing standards for abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and protection against chemicals. We take the utmost care in protecting our users with our product design so they can perform their best in their working environments.

The MEDICA trade show is one of the largest medical Business-to-Business (B2B) trade shows in the world. MEDICA showcases the most current innovative medical products and services ranging from medical imaging, laboratory technology, diagnostics systems, health IT, mobile health to physiotherapy/orthopedic technology and medical consumables. The trade show was first established as a trade show in 1969 and takes place annually. MEDICA has hosted over 4500 exhibitors from 66 countries and more than 81,000 visitors from all over the world annually for the past 40 years. As for the reason our company will attend the trade show: it is an amazing opportunity for our company to network with experts and professionals from all over the world. Our innovative EnerGel technology was developed in response to medical professionals developing dry hands from working long hours while wearing gloves.

Additionally, as our company mainly manufactures exam grade gloves, it is important to stay knowledgeable about relevant concerns in the medical industry. There will be various forums such as the MEDICA Tech Forum, which will detail the latest achievements in medical technology. Our company continues to develop technological advancements with our product design. The MEDICA Tech Forum will allow us to evaluate and determine the design of future SW products. At the show, we will aim to showcase our innovative products and technologies as well.

At our booth, we will have samples of our PowerForm (PF-95BL, PF-95GW, PF-12WG, PF-95OR, and PF-95GY), MegaMan (MM-11BK), TotalForm (TF-14BK), and Newtrile (NF15-RD-ECO-GR) product series. PF-95BL offers ANSI level abrasion resistance with a beaded cuff for easy donning and doffing. It contains our DryCore absorbent technology that keeps hands dry with a fully textured surface to allow added grip and slip resistance. PF-95GW contains EnerGel, EcoTek, and BreachAlert. It is an environmentally sustainable glove that caters to consumer comfort with our patented soothing Aloe vera coating and easy dual color breach detection. It has also been tested to be resistant to Fentanyl and gastric acid resistant for 4+ hours. PF-12WG is SW’s extended cuff, heavy duty nitrile exam glove which offers more protection in the workplace. It has been tested for use against chemotherapy drugs and is fully textured for added slip resistance.

PF-95OR is SW’s new orange TracTek nitrile glove. On top of containing sustainable EcoTek technology, it contains TracTek® Grip Technology which is engineered to maximize surface contact and channel away liquids. It is the optimal thickness for durability and tactile sensitivity. PF-95GY is another new SW extended cuff nitrile glove. It is engineered for first responders and contains EnerGel, BreachAlert, and Proprietary coating actively manages the skin’s natural pH balance® to discourage microbial growth that can lead to infection.

MegaMan (MM-11BK) is a more durable and multi-layer nitrile flock-lined glove which contains EcoTek and DriTek, and lasts three times longer than a regular nitrile glove. It provides good abrasion resistance combined with adequate puncture resistance and protection against liquids. NF15-RD-ECO-GR is SW’s sustainable 15 mil flock-lined nitrile chemical resistant gloves. It features ANSI 2 puncture resistance and ANSI 6 abrasion resistance and our sustainable EcoTek coating. These gloves have a 13” cuff length and provide ISO Type A chemical resistance and feature an embossed raised diamond grip. We hope that those interested will come by our booth and we hope to see you on the convention floor!