Congratulations to our G-Love Winners!

Press Releases

SW Sustainability would like to thank everyone who participated in our G-Love Social Media Contest. Upon reviewing all submissions, we have selected our 3 winners.

Our first place winner receiving the $1000 Amazon gift card is kristelyn4587

Joana’s video shows gloves being used in many different applications, medical, cleaning, and veterinary care. The video effectively uses transitions to switch between different applications while layering music over. Joana also provided a great message highlighting the video’s theme, SW gloves are Loving, Caring, and Protective!

Our second place winner receiving the $500 Amazon gift card is gemmy_0618

Taleah’s video provides an effective storyline starting off with a text message between two friends asking to meet up to try SW gloves. Much like this first place winner, Taleah’s video uses transitions to effectively show SW gloves being used in multiple applications; cooking and cleaning the environment. The participants also talked about SW gloves EcoTek biodegradability feature and shared the message how SW gloves help reduce landfill waste then proceed to pick up all the garbage in the park.

Our third place winner receiving the $250 Amazon gift card is oiwajoycecheng1487

Joyce’s video provides excellent voice over quality while educating users on the features of SW gloves showcasing how they are biodegradable, durable, and have excellent grip for wet and dry environments. Participants show themselves dancing, cleaning, and having fun while doing it! Joyce’s video spreads the message of happiness and positivity.