4 Ways New Nitrile Gloves Keep Your Hands Healthy & Protected


As we are all learning, frequent hand washing is the best way to protect yourself and prevent the spread of viruses. With the global coronavirus pandemic impacting all of us, it is especially important to practice good hand hygiene. The World Health Organization recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

However, constant hand washing and hand sanitizing leads to dry and damaged hands. Lotion can temporarily soothe your skin, but these often leave your hands feeling greasy and oily. Many people also don’t leave it on long enough for it to relieve the dryness.

What many people are learning to do to restore their hand health is to wear new types of single-use nitrile gloves that are available. SW® offers new technologies paired with nitrile gloves to keep your hands safe and healthy by:

Single-use gloves that have coatings of Aloe Vera are a perfect solution for dry, irritated hands that perform high-risk jobs. As durable nitrile protects your hands from outside contact, the Aloe within soothes hands by holding in your skin’s moisture. SW® offers EnerGel™ conditioning technology with Aloe which is clinically proven to increase skin hydration. See an example here.

Left unchecked, skin pH imbalances can lead to unwanted microbial growth that causes skin issues. Look for single-use gloves that can maintain your skin around a 5.5 pH level. SW® developed pH Natural® technology which actively re-balances your skin pH levels. Learn more about it here.

Nitrile gloves can become hot and sticky inside from extended wear – creating the ideal environment for microbial growth. Breathability and comfort are just as important as fit and protection, so look for products with moisture-wicking technologies. SW® offers Dry Core™ and DriTek® technologies that pull sweat away from the hands, which you can find here.

Look for products that have been accredited by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA), an organization that awards brands and products dermatological accreditation. With such certification, you’ll know that your gloves are verifiably safe for sensitive skin. Learn more about SHA here.

Keeping your hands healthy is just as important as washing your hands. Damaged hands make you more susceptible to infection and disease. And today you don’t have to settle for less – there are products available that have solved these long-known, skin-health issues associated with frequent hand washing and wearing the older types of single-use gloves. The next time you need to keep your hands protected and healthy, reach for these new types of single-use nitrile gloves–the ones that have been specifically designed to solve hand health issues.

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