SW Sustainability Solutions Bio-Based General Purpose Gloves: TotalForm TF-14BK

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[Union City, CA] — [November 1, 2023] — SW Sustainability Solutions, a leading innovator in sustainable hand protection, proudly announces the launch of their cutting-edge TotalForm TF-14BK bio-based general purpose gloves. These gloves, designed to provide unmatched hand protection while reducing the environmental footprint, are set to revolutionize the industry with their innovative design and commitment to sustainable materials.

The TotalForm TF-14BK gloves are a testament to SW Sustainability Solutions’ commitment to providing the market with high-quality, sustainable products. Designed with both users and the environment in mind, these gloves are the perfect fusion of performance, comfort, and sustainability.

Key Features of TotalForm TF-14BK include:

  • Bio-Based Innovation: TotalForm® gloves combines a liner made of 55% bio-based materials and EcoTek sustainable nitrile coating providing exceptional comfort and dexterity. Designed to protect the environment and your hands. Bio-based materials are produced using monomers originating from renewable sources. This feature showcases SW Sustainability Solutions’ dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • EcoTek® Sustainable Nitrile Coating: The gloves are equipped with EcoTek® sustainable nitrile coating. This coating not only enhances durability but also provides superior grip and dry grip performance, ensuring a reliable and secure grip in various working conditions.
  • Unmatched Comfort and Flexibility: TotalForm TF-14BK gloves are designed with a focus on the user experience, offering exceptional comfort, flexibility, and a superior fit feel. These gloves provide excellent fingertip dexterity, making them ideal for tasks that require precision and delicate handling.
  • Touch Screen Compatibility: The gloves are equipped with touch screen compatibility, ensuring that users can seamlessly use touch screens without the need to remove their gloves, enhancing convenience and productivity.

By introducing the TotalForm TF-14BK bio-based general purpose gloves, SW Sustainability Solutions is not only meeting the immediate needs of consumers but also making a statement about the future of sustainable hand protection.

For more information about TotalForm TF-14BK and other SW Sustainability Solutions products, please visit swssglobal.com.

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About SW Sustainability Solutions:

SW Sustainability Solutions is a leading provider of sustainable hand protection. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, SW Sustainability Solutions leverages innovation to provide high performance products that help protect both users and the planet. The company’s dedication to sustainability is at the core of its mission.

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