SW Update: The Latest SW News about the Coronavirus


Feb 24, 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to spread globally, we remain very fortunate as all our employees and families have remained healthy and safe. We are thankful to our manufacturing operations teams for their extra efforts and diligence during these trying times.

In China, outside of the Wuhan province, the number of new infection cases appear to be reducing as of last week’s reports. While the virus is spreading globally, efforts in China provinces seem to be reducing the spread there. We hope this trend continues.

The following is the latest information about our facilities in China:

  • SW factories located in the province of Jiangsu have been audited and are now permitted to resume production.
  • We currently have approximately 100 employees who are unable to return to work because of travel bans. City officials are arranging charter buses to bring them to our facilities, so they can begin their 14-day quarantine process prior to starting work.
  • We expect to be fully operation by mid-March.
  • SW will continue to take precautions, focusing on the welfare of our employees first.

SW Customer Care and Logistics teams, led by Catherine Tang, will continue to update shipping statuses as information is made available, and assist our customers with their shipment needs. Catherine can be contacted directly at CTang@swssglobal.com or you can reach her through your current Customer Service representative.

At SW, we are grateful to everyone who has assisted their communities and people in need during this challenging and uncertain time. We thank you for your understanding and support, and hope that your employees, colleagues, and families are safe and healthy.

Belle Chou
President, SW Safety®